I’ve known Chad for years now. Great guy, great friend.Chad Parks is a 4x All American Wrestler. His father is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.We flew Chad to NJ to teach us a takedown seminar years ago.We agreed to share what worked for us in our lives on the mat.Here’s Mr Chad Parks thoughts below, enjoy.
5 Keys to Becoming a Champion Wrestler
Wrestling has long been one of my passions and a major part of my life. I attended my first wrestling match at two weeks of age and started participating as soon as I could walk. My dad was a National Hall of Fame wrestling coach, so I was around the sport all the time. During my wrestling career, I competed in close to 1000 matches and reached college All-American status.
All throughout my competitive wrestling career I had the great fortune of being trained by excellent coaches. My dad (Martin Parks) built in me the love and work ethic needed to succeed in wrestling and life. My private technique coach (Richard Winton) added an enormous amount of technical knowledge and mental training to my wrestling game. Then my college coach (Jody Thompson-National Hall of Fame Coach) took the potential within me and brought it into fruition.
Now I am a wrestling coach and have had the opportunity to work with a tremendous number of excellent coaches and wrestlers. As a coach I am constantly studying, observing, and learning what it takes to be champion. I can tell you this… there is no exact recipe, but there are many common disciplines that champions practice daily in order to be the best.
Below I am going to give you 5 disciplines that I have learned over the years and have applied them in my own life. These disciplines have helped me achieve success in wrestling, coaching, business, etc. My hope is that these disciplines will help you become a champion in the craft of your choice as well.
1. Total commitment. Wrestling is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. In this sport you must be All in or all out, there is no glory in the in between.
2. Become a student of the game. If you want to become a champion wrestler, you need to constantly learn and work on perfecting your craft. This takes dedication and being intentional about study and practice, beyond what the coach demands.
3. Outwork everyone. My goal has always been simple, be the hardest worker in the room. I fully believe in working smart, but you must work hard, period.
4. Surround yourself with great coaches and teammates. The best coaches make you want to battle and win for them. They push you to your mental and physical edge and then throw you over it. Thankfully they attached a bungee cord to you when you weren’t looking. Your teammates should push you to be the best everyday. They should inspire you, drive you, and make you better.
5. Be willing to getting hit in the face. Wrestling is a physical sport and you will get hit in the face. Some people turn their heads and look away when they hand fight, take a shot, or defend a shot. Then others say forget that, I’m going to put my head in there and use it as a tool to help me get the win.
Now I want you to re-read the 5 disciplines and think about them in the context of your life. These disciplines are not limited to success in wrestling, they apply to your sport, your job, your family life, etc. We all need to totally commit, constantly learn, work hard, surround ourselves with good people, and be willing to get hit, yet keep on fighting through it to get some W’s.
Now that you’ve read, the next step is application. We must not only be consumers of information, but also doers as well.
God Bless,
Coach P
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